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The most robust virtual admin for your lessons

What Can I Do For You?

Add-Maxie is a virtual assistant service that targets coaches, instructors and teachers in the enrichment field. We provide a range of services to help you free up your time and focus on the tasks that matter most. Whether you need help with organization, scheduling, or task management, our "Maxie's" can help you get the job done without you worrying.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and strive to exceed expectations with each and every of your client. With Add-Maxie, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest-quality assistance for your business or lesson.

Administrative Support

Our team will help you perform tasks that are simple but important like reminders for lessons, attendance tracking, reminders for payments, set-up and on-boarding of new clients

Customer Support

Our team can be trained to be your first point of contact or a buffer when there are any questions from your clients. We are robust enough to learn your guidelines/terms of service to answer question

Personal Assistant

Our team can help you relay messages, and information or perform simple requests or tasks to your clients 

Social Media Management

Our team can help you, keep track of incoming requests or messages through any of your social media 

Data & Analysis

Our team can help you retain information like attendance percentage, number of students per lesson 

Projects or Events Management

Our team can be available to help with any short term events or projects that require additional administrative assistance

"Focus on the important things, leave the boring matters for someone else"

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